• Image of Copper Teacup Candle

This golden copper candle is super gorgeous and oh so à la mode (#bloggeralert)

Because this teacup candle is reclaimed vintage, they have slightly worn in places, but these slight worn areas tell a story, and really add to the look of this candle!

The copper candle is made of delicate china, so we advise that you give a good dose of TLC by placing them in a safe place, and burning them sensibly.

The highest quality smooth and clean-burning wax is used, alongside carefully selected scents, meaning what you receive is a high quality product.

Scent options:
'Sea Mist' - A clean, fresh scent that will take you to the seaside (think sun, sand and fresh water, more than fish, chips and mushy peas - none of that goes in, I swear)

'Spring Morning' - A bright fresh floral scent that makes you want to throw open your windows and take in the fresh British air and rejoice at your love of good ol' Blighty and its glorious spring flowers!

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